Adam Hayward, host of GLOBAL ONSLAUGHT, aired on METAL NATION RADIO, is back with Mr. Paul Clark Senior, former Black Sabbath Tour Manager, and close friend of Ronnie James Dio, for Part Two, of the Paul Clark Senior Diaries. I certainly would never ruin the ending of a book or a movie and I will not go into detail about this interview. HOWEVER, I will say for your own safety please no eating or drinking while listening because we would feel really bad if you spewed your drink on your mate listening along with you, or a mishap while snacking on some Doritos and have one of those edges scratch your throat or worse yet get stuck there. AND for the safety of your equipment please keep your distance if you decide to listen while drinking and snacking. By the way if you do snack and listen please video it because we want to see any antics that may arise, so we can laugh at YOU!

What I am trying to tell you folks is the interview is fckn hilarious! You may find yourselves listening over a time or two because your own laughter will cause you to miss some important details that will only tickle your fancy even further. OK I can’t stand it let me just say this and you can put these words together in your head however you want but until you actually listen to the entire story you haven’t lived so here goes… OZZY, Throat, Bill, Toilet, Smell, Shit, Fix, 10-4. If that does not make you press play then you are not the Metal Head you think you are!

The Paul Clark Senior series is a must listen for all music fans and bands breaking into the business, behind the scenes stories and fascinating anecdotes during the most exciting era of metal……the beginning.

Paul Clark Senior
Metal, still considered by the majority of the population as an underground genre with an entirely different type of listener base and antic to match. I believe Paul Clark Senior’s Diaries will bridge the gap, strip some of the glamor the public believes is an inherit part of the music industry, and a deeper level of respect will form for those that paved the way in the beginning as well as those brave enough to carry the torch generation after generation.

Stay tuned for more with Adam Hayward every Friday from 5-7pm EST or 10pm till Midnight (UK) GLOBAL ONSLAUGHT airs on The Paul Clark Senior Diaries will continue to shock and awe you at every turn. I can assure you that even the most die hard Metal fans will learn a thing or two from the man that lived it, survived it, and loved it… Mr Paul Clark Senior.If you missed Part One of the Paul Clark Senior Diaries you can listen here PAUL CLARK SENIOR DIARIES PART ONE or use the links below.

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