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“The billions shift from side to side, and the wars go on with brainwashed pride
For the love of God and our human rights, and all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can’t deny, and are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars.”

W. Axl Rose


ISISAncient Egyptian Goddess of children, mother of War, protector of the dead. Her name means ‘throne’ and she was patroness of nature and magic, friend to slaves and sinners.

Also, since last Monday, the richest terrorist group on the planet. With the sacking of the Iraqi city of Mosul, and the looting of it’s central bank, ISIS have purportedly pocketed a cool $429 million. This is the army of militants kicked out of AL-Qaeda for being too extreme. Seriously…? Too fucking extreme…? This is from the organization that claimed responsibility for flying passenger airliners into the fuckin’ World Trade Center. An event that irrevocably changed the course of human history.

Ancient Egyptian Goddess of children, mother of War, protector of the dead. Her name means ‘throne’ and she was patroness of nature and magic, friend to slaves and sinners.

Yeah, man. These crazy motherfuckers are doing their own thing. “Fuck those pussies in AL-Qaeda; we’re gonna rock ‘n fuckin’ roll…”

These are the fuckers who took on Hezbollah. The savages massacring soldiers and civilians alike, leaving mass, shallow graves in their wake. Committing war atrocities as if they were legitimate military strategy. And posting holiday snaps of their work. The fanatics who are beheading and crucifying their opponents on the road to Baghdad. In the name of ‘God’.

Just when does this insanity become enough. What did we expect…? We invade a deeply religious, fiercely proud and irreconcilably divided nation, reduced it’s infrastructure to rubble, leaving it’s economy in tatters, shock and awe it’s population into submission, occupy it’s capital, topple it’s government and execute it’s leader. All for the most transparent of lies, the most blatant of manipulations. And then…? We throw ’em to the fucking wolves…

It’s like locking a pit-bull in a cage with a rabbit. And a chainsaw. And we didn’t expect a regional sectarian bloodbath to ensue…? Fuck, no. The military-industrial complex has to feed. Master puppeteer, Dick Cheney’s infamous ‘dark side’, methinks…

ISIS‘ black flag currently flies over a third of Iraq. Thought Osama and Saddam were bad…? Think again. Now we’re twice as fucked.

Ever heard the expression ‘better the devil you know’, you fucking morons…? Quit fuckin’ around with cultures you don’t understand, in retaliation for perceived injustices perpetrated by generic adversaries. Unless, of course, you were looking for another patsy all along, however despicable he may have been.

Enemies with horns and tails. Focus our fears on the tin-pot dictator, mis-direct our anger towards the Bogeyman of Baghdad. Scamper off with the treasures, hope for sunny weather with a slight chance of jihadist genocide.

Well now these maniacs have a platinum American Express card, just off to do a bit of shopping. Weapons of mass destruction, top of the list.

Speak of the Devil, and he shalt appear…

At the all-new Fox in Archway this weekend: Dragonforce celebrate @ club DIABLO, 2 rooms of disgraceful Rock and Metal disorder…

Wednesday 18th: doors open 5pm till midnight.

Thursday 19th: doors open 5pm, starting at 9pm, HORNS UP! Mental moshing DJ Dylan Cole and guests spin the cream of Heavy Metal, Black, Thrash and Death. Admission is free and we’re open til 1pm. It’s mean ‘n extreme and it ain’t too fuckin’ clean, just the way we like it…

Friday 20th: doors open 5pm. From 8pm INTREPIDFOXLIVE presents a welcome return for Bloodstock favorites ONE FOR SORROW+MARTYR DE MONA+THE SELF-TITLED. Admission is £4/£3 “Fox Loyalty Cards” and we’re open til 4am.

Saturday 21st: doors open 3pm. PHOENIX RISING is taking a well-earned break after the insanity of Download so, for this month, devilishly delicious club DIABLO is gonna take you on the express elevator, straight to hell…

To get an early start to the evening the 1st room opens @ 5pm, with pub-priced drinks, playing Hard Rock/Grunge/Classic Rock courtesy of DJ’s Adam Lightspeed (Sin City) + guests. Expect the likes of Guns ‘n Roses and Queens Of The Stone Age, AC/DC and Pearl Jam, Jane’s Addiction & Faith No More.

In the 2nd room doors open @ 10.30pm playing all the murderous Metal/Nu Metal dance floor tunes you know and love. Joyzi (Breed 77) + guests spin the likes of Slipknot & System Of A Down, Five Finger Death Punch & Rammstein, Bring Me The Horizon & Avenged Sevenfold. Admission is £3/free with “Fox Loyalty Cards” and we’re open til 4am.

Special guest DJ slot is gonna be courtesy of DRAGONFORCE‘s Herman Li. To check out the band’s new video out yesterday, ‘The Game’ (ft. Matt Heafy of Trivium), below. The track is the first release from the forthcoming album ‘Maximum Overload‘ out August 18th 2014.

Our friends in the band have also very kindly donated two of their guitars for us to start a ‘Metal Memorabilia‘ collection in the new venue. Herman Li’s much-loved Ibanez EGEN18 TVF, used at Download 2009, part of the ‘Ultra Beatdown’ World Tour and Sam Totman’s Ibanez STM2 SPB, used on ‘The Power Within’ World Tour 2012-2013 will be on display from Saturday. Many thanks go out to the band for these fantastic pieces of rock ‘n roll history and the guys will be here on the night to have some beers to celebrate…! P.S. Remember to catch ’em on their UK tour in September, although the London date’s already sold-out…

Sunday 22nd: doors open 3pm. From 8pm, SOUNDS ‘N VISIONS. Unique in London, a night of Hard Rock, Metal ‘n a bit of everything else, mixed by VJ JS on the big screen. Admission is free, and we’re open til 2am, so if yer fed up with the football, come up ‘n see us…

Check out the Calendar at www.intrepidfox.com for details, and on Facebook for news.

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“Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners are saints

As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer

Cause I’m in need of some restraint…”

Rolling Stones (Sympathy For The Devil)






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