Interview With Simon Wright “….There’s Only One Ronnie James Dio…”

Simon Wright “….There’s Only One Ronnie James Dio…”


It’s been over two years since the little man with the big voice, Ronnie James Dio,  departed this world for the Heaven above but his music lives on with the legions of Metal fans worldwide.Keeping his music alive in the live venues are Dio Disciples featuring three members who were right there in the last line-up of the band, playing on Dio’s 2004 release, ‘Master Of The Moon‘, and were due to be in the touring line-up before the last dates were cancelled due to Ronnie’s illness. Below Mark Taylor – BIG CITY NIGHTS Interview’s Simon Wright, the drummer of DIO DISCIPLES, as well as many other credits to his career. The 12:27 length interview is rather enlightening from touching on the sadness of Ronnie’s passing to the honor of keeping DIO’s music alive and going. It was a very well spent 12 minutes and 27 seconds for me and I’ll bet it will be for you too! Check It Out!