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KMSROXKMSROX is being completely rebuilt from the ground up hosted at a different company. The new hosting company will give a lot more advantages not only for me but also for the musicians and artists on the site seeking visibility and a chance to be heard. KMSROX will be going back to its roots with some extra perks that I am very happy provide. So given KMSROX is me, myself and I, it will take some time to rebuild and I ask for your patience.

I also ask everyone that was on the previous site please send me any and all updated material so any outdated material will be removed. If you would like to be listed on KMSROX I invite artists to send me their material. There are a few requirements to be listed the short list is as follows… YOU MUST HAVE TALENTNO BAR ROOM MADE LIVE Performances UNLESS they are professional quality… You will need at least a minimum of (3) quality demo’s…  A short bio and photos… My connections are heavy in the following genre’s Hard Rock/Metal/Progressive Metal… I am open to reconnecting and fronting bands from other Promoters, Press Agents, Publicist, Managers, Public Relations, and any other person that handles a band/artist that would like the extra exposure. I work on a global level therefore no matter where you call home I can and will work with you. A band/artist DOES NOT need to have any representation to be on the site. KMSROX is here to help those by giving talented bands/artists exposure that will help them get to the next level which is visibility and representation. There will be a full page outlining requirements for submission and the methods of how to submit your material to KMSROX for review.



Please keep checking back for the all new KMSROX a full multimedia site built for the love of music and putting talent back on stages around the globe! We specialize in Rock | Metal | Prog but if you have talent we want to hear it. Please check out our Facebook site in the mean time  by clicking this link


Kaptured By KimmieI am also a photographer and own Kaptured By Kimmie which is also being rebuilt from the ground up. Since I am an artist but can no longer perform I NEED a creative outlet which is where the photography comes into play. There will be more about the photography end of things on http://www.kapturedbykimmie.com and http://www.facebook.com/kapturedbykimmie Kaptured By Kimmie never had a chance of getting off the ground due to massive amounts of time spent focusing in one area with tunnel vision or as the old saying goes “putting all my eggs in one basket”.


I am looking forward to jumping back in to help as many as possible in the music industry. I am just as excited to take photography to the next level and create beautiful things, others will enjoy as well as giving others a chance to have their beautiful creations seen and heard.

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