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Big Noize 2013 Lima, Peru Sebastian Bach and Miljenko Matijevic is a BIG DEAL!

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Big Noize 2013 Lima, Peru Sebastian Bach and Miljenko Matijevic is a BIG DEAL!

Unless you have been under a rock for the last two decades then you have undoubtedly seen the relentless comparison between Miljenko Matijevic ( Lead Vocalist Of Steelheart) versus Sebastian Bach (Original Vocalist of Skid Row). The question over the last two plus decades has been who is the best male rock vocalist of all time?

Youtube is chalk full of clips of old video’s snipped, clipped, cut, pasted, and compared. Rock | Metal | Hair fans have argued, fought, debated, created major love/hate situations between these two very talented vocalist. The video below is one small sample of the type of videos that can be found on youtube and other video streaming sites.

On July 11, 2013 in Lima, Peru Rock History was made and it went like this…..

Over two decades have passed since the mega explosion of the Hair/Metal genre of the 80’s and early 90’s and these two iconic vocalists were at the same show on the same stage for the very first time ever!

The fans were elated beyond description at this historical night. Two iconic vocalist, one place, one night, one stage, one event, a legendary first in Rock and Roll. Would the answer to the question that has haunted so many fans for all these years be answered? Would they perform a song together? How cool would that be?

The questions were endless as the nearing date got closer and closer. The excitement grew with each passing day and not just for the fans. It had become “The Topic” for all past and present Hair/Metal fans. After all the years of debating, arguing, fighting, and those determined that one MUST be better than the other came to a screeching halt!

This powerhouse night of music had more than the two iconic vocalist on stage, the Big Noize members comprised of Sebastian Bach (Original Voice Of Skid Row), Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, OZZY), Phil Soussan (OZZY, Vince Neil), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob). Miljenko Matijevic (Vocalist of Steelheart) was the opening act accompanied by amazing Peruvian musicians as follows – Claudio Cabrera: Lead Guitar, Cesar Gonzales: Guitar/ Back Vocals, Ricardo Zarate: Bass, Hugo Ortiz: Drums.

This was indeed a night to remember and in keeping with the code of musicianship that I live by, I have decided NOT to turn any of the negative and unprofessional acts of at least one or two musicians ruin this magical night.

So that leaves us with the one question that has plagued the Hair | Metal fans past and present for over two decades. Who is the best male Rock vocalist of all time?  Is there a best? Does there have to be a best?

The answer to all those questions are left for you to decide as you listen to the LIVE performances of the Big Noize and the LIVE performances of Miljenko Matijevic accompanied by some of the best Peruvian musicians around. Below is a video playlist of some of the songs performed that night and posted by fans of BOTH/ALL artists.


So now that you have seen the video’s back to back, same night, same stage, same show, is there a best? I like to think all the musicians on the stage that night are extremely talented and true musicianship does not call for a who’s best, its all about the music!

Miljenko would like to Thank all the fans that came out to the show and a huge Thank You to the Peruvian musicians that not only were amazing on stage but also welcomed him as well as his crew with open arms and showed them some of the awesome sights to be seen in Peru. Miljenko is looking forward to returning to Peru in the future.


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Please follow this link to a review posted on ROCK METAL PERU DARGEDIK The page has a translation button on it so please use it to translate the review to your language. Please keep in mind some things are lost during the translation of any language.

Written by Kimmie Sharon of KMSROX
Steelheart’s Press Agent, Publicist, Public Relations

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